Why Am I Running?

Competition drives people… but so does doing the right thing.

We all want a safe and secure community, whether for our business, our employees, our friends, or our family. If you want to boost engagement, you have to make participation simple and accessible to all.

My campaign plan for community safety, protecting & supporting seniors, schooling the youth will create lasting sustainable changes that drive safety, productivity, quality, and support a better way of living.

I am confident that my creative efforts will help this district prosper rather than develop an environment where the community intentionally underinvests.

The composition of my community campaign is built on:

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Support
  • Innovation

It takes all types to make a community “tick.”

As Inglewood’s pipeline organizer, I am making it my primary goal to share my vision and join forces with community organizations that are serious about making change.


How Can You Help?

    Safety Plans

    Safety is the fundamental building block to creating thriving, and sustainable communities.

    Supporting Our Seniors

    Elderly people have a natural right to life, dignity, and personal integrity

    Schooling for Youth

    Our values guide our culture and inform every decision we make

    Safety Plans

    Safety is the fundamental building block to creating thriving, and sustainable communities.

    I want to ensure that all Inglewood residents have the necessary equipment, technical skills, and knowledge to keep us all safe so that current and future generations can enjoy life to the fullest!

    Safer communities require a combination of long-term preventative initiatives, as well as immediate community-based measures that direct resources to everyone. Local efforts and a community-based approach are necessary to guide this work.

    My Collaborative Safety Plan Will Help:

    • Develop safety starter kits with supplies for free distribution
    • Conduct safety audits of community environments
    • Organize safety roundtables with concerned residents as well as law enforcement leaders
    • Participate in the improvement of our communities through safety training
    • Create & direct initiatives to yield sustainable safety programs for households

    There are observable advantages in our communities when safety and quality of life are linked. I will see to it that District 1 citizens and business owners in Inglewood have the safety instruction, networking opportunities, and educational services required to develop plans of action to achieve successful safety objectives.

    Partnership With IMPACT

    Supporting & Protecting Our Seniors

    Elderly people have a natural right to life, dignity, and personal integrity.

    As we grow older, it is not sufficient to merely exist. For older people who are dealing with life transitions, better quality of life is especially crucial.

    Many older folks are opting to age in place, and others need a helping hand to continue living at home securely and comfortably. My campaign plan for seniors is dedicated to ensuring that they have the resources, services, and community involvement that keep them in mind.

    Home modifications can help seniors live safely and independently, and my plan to help Inglewood’s District 1 seniors who cannot help themselves will:

    • Connect & collaborate with contracting businesses willing to assist in home improvement projects for seniors
    • Organize volunteer groups who want to help seniors
    • Create home modification and repair funds to off-set costs for senior homeowners

    Respectful Societies Are
    More Resilient

    Schooling Our Youth

    Our values guide our culture and inform every decision we make.

    As a collective responsibility, we should be giving our youth the tools they need to imagine world-changing solutions.

    I want to provide resources to help Inglewood’s District 1 youth:

    • Find their passion
    • Reach their full potential &
    • Learn from others, so they can pay it forward

    This strategy will focus on linking young people to possibilities for empowering, motivating, and worthwhile work; it also involves access to a range of vocational and technical opportunities to satisfy their education and training needs.

    Youth unemployment, low-income prevalence, a weak sense of social belonging…there are several challenges facing today’s young people. All of this can make it hard to envision better days ahead.

    My Youth Developmental Plan includes:

    • Providing professional and personal mentorship opportunities
    • Networking with District 1 business owners to help youth gain work experience
    • Developing & partnering with community-based organizations to increase the number and variety of youth development opportunities

    My campaign goals for schooling our youth will help to mitigate violence before it begins by providing young people with the connections and resources to make a change in their lives and have a positive influence as residents in the City of Inglewood.

    Fostering Our Youth’s
    Purpose to Ignite Change

    Who Am I?

    • I am…A Father
    • I am…A Businessman
    • I am…A Philanthropist

    In a world that never stops challenging us, my PURPOSE and VALUES have remained constant in all my roles. My plan for District 1 of the City of Inglewood can enhance people’s lives, make this community an amazing place to live, work, and conduct business, as well as forge a more wholesome future for coming generations.

    I have built a deep understanding of our city’s challenges, room for growth, and the way things work. I am committed to running a campaign for District 1 that effectively tackles:

    • Safety
    • Education
    • Collaboration

    My experience is important. I have been using my voice and resources to advocate for and help people for over 25 years. The challenges we face in our neighborhoods, businesses, and the environment affect the quality of life of every Inglewood resident.

    With my “Pipeline to Progress” plan, I am confident that it will have the power to enact more measurable changes and solutions for Inglewood’s District 1.

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